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Very good, clean hard hitting oil!


SFV OG – Indcia

WiFi- Indica

Blue Dream – Sativa

Cherry Pie – Sativa

Lemon Skunk – Sativa

Birthday Cake – Hybrid

Cotton Candy – Hybrid

Fruit Loops – Hybrid

Grand Daddy Purple – Hybrid

Chem Dawg-sativa


Kinget louise-indica

Cotton candy-Indica

Pineapple Express-Sativa



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SFV OG – Indcia, WiFi- Indica, Blue Dream – Sativa, Cherry Pie – Sativa, Lemon Skunk – Sativa, Birthday Cake – Hybrid, Cotton Candy – Hybrid, Fruit Loops – Hybrid, Grand Daddy Purple – Hybrid, Chem Dawg-sativa, Godgift-Indica, Kinget louise-indica, Cotton candy-Indica, Pineapple Express-Sativa, Mango-smothie-Hybrid, Horchata-hybrid


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