Citron Cookies

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Firstly, citron cookies cartridge. The vape cartridges used for citron cookies Exotic carts cannabis oil uses ceramic for vaping, the exact model is perfectly optimized to give you the best experience there is. Overall, this is a great hash oil vape cartridge.

Furthermore, with intense aromas of sweet candy, citrus and earthiness, Citron Cookies will leave you feeling euphoric and relaxed and is excellent for treating a wide range of ailments including stress, depression, fatigue and pain. This extremely potent sativa dominant strain is a cross between Jellybean and Girl Scout Cookies.
What Citron cookies is all about

EXOTIC CARTS (Hybrid) Flavor CITRON COOKIES 80.-85% THC 1.0 Gram Citrus Cookies is a cannabis strain that’s sought out by cannabis connoisseurs because it was bred almost exclusively for its fragrance and flavor. It emits an aroma reminiscent of citrus from the tropics and its taste is like savoring a sweet orange cookie. Its pistils are a bright orange, which can give it a seemingly orangey glow that adds to its name’s impression.

This strain is an indica-leaning hybrid. Finally, effects have been describe by reviewers as being both cerebral and physical. Reviewers say it might reduce stressful thinking patterns and put you in a happy or tranquil state of mind, but it could simultaneously create lack of focus as well. Tension in the body unfolds as pain temporarily subsides according to many that have tried it. Some patients say they have used indica strains for easing chronic pain, anxiety, stress, insomnia, and inflammation. THC levels range in the low 20’s and its dominant terpenes are myrcene, limonene, and pinene.


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